Hi Everyone –

This is SATORI CIRCUS. I’m a Detroit, MI based performance artist and have been for 22 years now. I honestly think I can claim…the longest running performance artist in Detroit. I combine elements of music, poetry (in lyrical form), theatre, film, movement, slap-stick, German Theatre (Weimar Republic era), vaudeville and cabaret into my productions. (Not necessarily all at the same time, but you will find these elements all lurking about.) My date of birth as SATORI CIRCUS began in September of 1988 in a gallery in Detroit, known as the Michigan Gallery. Since then I have had the good fortune of performing throughout the Detroit Metro area (most notably at the black box theatre known as 1515 Broadway, downtown Detroit), Chicago, Cleveland, Windsor Ontario…and other fancy locales. Additionally, I have had great luck in being written about on several occasions and have received a few awards to boot…like voted and awarded ‘Best Live Performance’ by the Detroit Music Awards; awarded by WDIV Channel 4 Detroit, 2nd and 3rd place for ‘Best Theatre Group’; ¬†and awarded by Real Detroit Weekly ‘Best Performance Artist’.

Well I could go on and on…but this is just a teaser…there is more to come…Honest Engine!


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