Satori Circus

Deep Cutz Blog Thursday, January 9, 2014 You might call him a freak of nature. Sure. You might also call him a force of nature. Nothing, it seems, can stop, can dissuade, can discourage or, for that matter, outdo… Satori Circus. This performance artist, basically a punk-rock clown creating his own beautifully gruesome Cabaret Universe, […]

City Slang: Satori Circus celebrates silver anniversary

Metrotimes January 9, 2014 By Brett Callwood Detroit’s favorite clown outside of ICP, Satori Circus, will celebrate his 25th anniversary on Friday, January 24 with a performance art piece called “63 Mins (Of Random Balance)” at the Detroit Institute of Arts. “‘63 Mins (of Random Balance)’ is an entirely new performance piece, with all original […]

Russell Taylor celebrates 25 years as Satori Circus

Detroit Free Press 12:09 AM, Jan. 23, 2014 It’s not that Russell Taylor dislikes planning meetings, business suits and daily tasks. It’s just that his preferred ritual begins when he punches out of his 9-to-5 life and transforms into Satori Circus, the character in white-and-black clown makeup who will commemorate 25 years as a performance […]