Join us once again, or for the first time, on this epic theatrical journey through time, space and outer dimensions. The Squidling Brothers and Madoodi Mothers travel to Sordor with The Squicken. Where Great Grandma Madoodi will Drop her brand new Album!! Featuring: Jelly Boy The Clown Matterz Squidling velvet crayon Fibi Eyewalker Madeleine Belle […]

Mixed Nuts

Fancy Pants is opening up another can of Mixed Nuts, but this time they are taking the show to Detroit!! Formerly taking residence in Ann Arbor, this wacky show has decided to come to the motor city and mix things up a bit. The evening will include comedy, burlesque, clowns, vaudeville, and so much more […]

Hellbound Reloaded

NOIR LEATHER’S HELLBOUND RELOADED Sat Nov. 22nd doors 9pm CITY CLUB Club Stage 11:45 Jennabelle Wingless Feuer 11:50 Satori Circus – 12:00 Kristi Burgett’s “Caped Cadet Cuties” 12:30 Angelus Teine 01:00 Lord Blasto of LB Studio – Photo shoot Front Stage: 10:30 Lord Blasto of LB Studio – Photo shoot 11:00 Eva Lynn – Balleria […]