Join us once again, or for the first time, on this epic theatrical journey through time, space and outer dimensions.

The Squidling Brothers and Madoodi Mothers travel to Sordor with The Squicken. Where Great Grandma Madoodi will Drop her brand new Album!!


Jelly Boy The Clown
Matterz Squidling
velvet crayon
Fibi Eyewalker
Madeleine Belle
MacKenzie Moltov
Mr. Dead Guy
Tommy Toonz
Brettzo S. Brouhaha
Laïla Poché

Mixed Nuts


Fancy Pants is opening up another can of Mixed Nuts, but this time they are taking the show to Detroit!! Formerly taking residence in Ann Arbor, this wacky show has decided to come to the motor city and mix things up a bit.
The evening will include comedy, burlesque, clowns, vaudeville, and so much more from different local performance artists.

Satori Circus
Mabel Syrup
Holly Hock
Furvus Mendaxxx
J.P. Ballyhoo
Sofia Syntaxx
& Things and Stuff from the Striped Circus

Our emcee for the evening is the nutty Mickey Mandrake!!

$10 cover
9pm doors

$5 gated parking available

+++++ This event is a fundraiser for the 3rd annual Michigan Burlesque Festival, which will be happening on September 18th & 19th, 2015 (tickets will go on sale Aug. 15th) +++++

Hellbound Reloaded


Sat Nov. 22nd doors 9pm

Club Stage
11:45 Jennabelle Wingless Feuer
11:50 Satori Circus –
12:00 Kristi Burgett’s “Caped Cadet Cuties”
12:30 Angelus Teine
01:00 Lord Blasto of LB Studio – Photo shoot

Front Stage:
10:30 Lord Blasto of LB Studio – Photo shoot
11:00 Eva Lynn – Balleria
12:50 Kimberly Sinical
12:55 Satori Circus
01:05 Jennabelle Wingless Feuer

Play Areas:
Fit To Be Bound:
w/ Rigger Lucas

Deep Play:
w/ Detroit House Of Pain

Feet/Leg Display Massage Subs:
Sex and Sin Ultimate

Fetish Body Painting by:
Brian Victor C

Front Stage:
09:00 Iconian
10:00 Eve Severe
11:00 Biohazard40
12:00 Decibel Drone
01:00 Riku
01:30 Psycho
03:00 Skellie LaFleur

Main Stage:
10:00 DJ Psycho
11:00 DJ Riku
12:00 Jay Itchon
01:00 Skellie LaFleur
02:00 Darrin Decay
03:00 Iconian

Lord Blasto of LB Studio
Sergio Mazzotta
Von of “Fetish Magazine”
Alex Exso
Boy Racer
Jay Itchon

The Traveling Zen
Dollie Dagger
Detroit Ink

$15 before Nov. 8th
$20 after
$25 Day of Show

Noir Leather
124 W. 4th st.
Royal Oak MI 48067

Brown Paper Tickets Online:

THE PALE MAGICIAN -Chapter 3 from THE KING IN YELLOW Film Project.

THE PALE MAGICIAN -Chapter 3 from THE KING IN YELLOW Film Project. from DARKHAUS SOUND&FILM, INC.™ on Vimeo.

From DARKHAUS SOUND&FILM, INC.™ (an underground artistic collective located in Bay City, Michigan) “THE PALE MAGICIAN”, Chapter #3 of their feature length film project titled THE KING IN YELLOW. Based on Robert W. Chamber’s 1895 collection of short stories which comprised his famous masterpiece of mystery & malevolence, DARKHAUS director G.C.Kirkland’s screenplay of THE KING IN YELLOW jumps back & forth thru decades mixing many of Chamber’s interlocking themes with contemporary motifs such as Doomsday Cults, The American Dream, Drug Abuse, Telepathy & The Occult, Y2K, Detroit Gangsters, Madness and the 1978 Jonestown tragedy in Guyana.
Starring notable Detroit talents SATORI CIRCUS, John Tynan, Michael Bugard and Annu Deol, to date THE KING IN YELLOW film has not yet been completed. Sporadic segments are being filmed in the tri-cities with a revolving roster of crew and actors as time, locations & funds become available. For updates visit