Funy As Hell (a baptism under fire) 4 Shows, 2 Days – 24th & 25th

4 Shows.
Fri. Jun. 24th 9pm – 10pm
Fri. Jun. 24th Midnight – 1am
Sat. Jun 25th 9pm – 10pm
Sat. Jun25th Midnight – 1am

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from the desk of SATORI CIRCUS
SATORI CIRCUS PRESENTS…’Funy As Hell: a baptism under fire’

“New York City has the Blue Man Group, Detroit has SATORI CIRCUS.” – Chris Jaszczak

On June 24th and June 25th, 2016, SATORI CIRCUS, Dave and Brian Dambacher will be presenting their collaborative award winning performance art piece, titled, ‘FUNY AS HELL: a baptism under fire!’ at Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom. This time SATORI CIRCUS and the Dambacher Brothers, have yet, another opportunity of reinterpreting their own creation, ‘Funy As Hell’ from its first presentations at Meadow Brook Theatre and Yale University – this time with a LIVE BAND featuring Dave Dambacher, Sadaat Hossain, Nathan Dauphinais, J. Pauly Zimmer esq., Robby Schwei and Ryan McInnis with Special guest performers Barbara Jean and Scott Dambacher.
(By the way, ‘Funy’ is actually pronounced, Funny.)

“The Bottom Line: Performance Art is not for everyone; for the rest of us there is SATORI CIRCUS!” – Between The Lines

Using Dante’s The Divine Comedy as the framework you are guided through a labyrinth of questions, of spirit, of destiny, of hope, of despair, and pure naughtiness: all the same musings. You witness the travels of a man who is lost in a dream between the here and there of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise: the same premise. Combining music, song, costumes, sound & lights, movement, film, cabaret and enlightenment your perception is obscured as to what performance art is, or what it could be…and yes, these are all the same contraptions used to embellish a story.
Blurring what is typically thought of as theatre, SATORI CIRCUS and the Dambachers will bring the audience through the subterranean worlds of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise to witness, participate in and analyze the situations that our protagonist, our hero (or anti-hero), manages to become involved with…deliberately or accidentally.

“SATORI CIRCUS is easily the Best Performance Art Group Detroit has produced. It should be seen if only to witness a New Direction in Art.” – Detroit Free Press

Be prepared for the unknown and come with an open heart and head to witness a performance art hybrid rarely seen. We guarantee that you have never seen anything like this. You may never again. And you’ll leave humming and wondering if hell could really be this entertaining. As Dante said at the gates of hell, “Abandon every hope, all ye who enter here.”

June 24th (Fri.) & June 25th (Sat.)…
Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom
715 E. Milwaukee St., Detroit, MI 48202 – 313.873.2955
…doors at 8:30P w/performances at 9P and Midnight
$15 at the door

“A love for the absurd, SATORI CIRCUS is a singularly uncanny theatre-going experience that’s a little bit Performance Art and a little bit Rock Opera.” – Metro Times