DAMNED VIII – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness – (3 NIGHTS)

TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: www.thatdamnedshow.com/tickets/ On October 29th through 31st 2015 in Detroit comes the 8th annual assemblage of extraordinary artists from across this world to display their most introspective creations: DAMNED – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness From the infamous to the freshest of local and international talent, this prodigious congregation will allow us a […]

Going through Hell with Satori Circus

Nicole Hayden, Times Herald 12:25 p.m. EDT July 30, 2015 At first glance, Satori Circus can be hard to identify. Is it a comedian? A musical? An off-Broadway production? It is a man with white and black face paint in a full suit. And it takes the flesh of human life and peels the skin […]

Funny as Hell

So, the boy…SATORI CIRCUS has another performance…yes, in Port Huron!!!!!!!!! (He loved going there as a kid to play hockey…so long ago!) This time its not for hockey…but for performing at the Skybox Lounge. July 31st and August 1st, he and dear friends.Scott Dambacher, Dave Sharon Wander, Sadaat Hossain, J. Pauly Zimmer esq., Barbara Jean, […]

Small Wonders 3 – Featuring Konrad Lee

On Saturday July 11 2015 at Atomic Cafe Gallery in Hamtramck comes a grand event of tiny proportions called “Small Wonders – An Exhibition of Tiny Art”. This curated exhibition will feature a variety of fine art in various mediums from artists local and worldwide created with only one guideline in mind…all artwork must 5 […]

Out of Character: Russell Taylor is Satori Circus

Performance artist Russell Taylor — AKA Satori Circus — continues to evolve his singular brand of performance art. “I’m an anomaly. I started out doing it just to be anonymous, to separate Russ form this stage character that became Satori Circus.” Russell Taylor, AKA Satori Circus In 1988, Russell Taylor began a project to take […]

Satori Circus makes the crowd part of the story

Steven Sonoras, Special to The Detroit News Russell Taylor, aka Satori Circus, has been redefining local theater since the late ’80s with his Brechtian multimedia performances. Friday and Saturday Satori Circus will present a new performance art piece titled “Dbwe’ inini” at the Hastings Street Ballroom, and it’s unlike anything he has attempted before. “I […]


Join us once again, or for the first time, on this epic theatrical journey through time, space and outer dimensions. The Squidling Brothers and Madoodi Mothers travel to Sordor with The Squicken. Where Great Grandma Madoodi will Drop her brand new Album!! Featuring: Jelly Boy The Clown Matterz Squidling velvet crayon Fibi Eyewalker Madeleine Belle […]

Mixed Nuts

Fancy Pants is opening up another can of Mixed Nuts, but this time they are taking the show to Detroit!! Formerly taking residence in Ann Arbor, this wacky show has decided to come to the motor city and mix things up a bit. The evening will include comedy, burlesque, clowns, vaudeville, and so much more […]