Truth, Faith, Strength, Truth

This is another piece from the performance art piece, MOSES:39 (copyright 2006). Written by myself and dear friend Tim Suliman, who also mastered the entire musical collection for the performance piece. There will be other selections that I will post as I go along. Enjoy…and if so, please pass on the word.
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Lil Salvation

‘Lil Salvation’ is from another performance art piece of SATORI CIRCUS’, titled MOSES:39. It premiered in Detroit MI at 1515 Broadway, Sept. of 2006. This piece and the themes of the other musical sections, were based on the life and times of a southern man coming of age in the south as an only child, and then later wrestling with is demons as an adult in Detroit. A story roughly based on my father.
The music itself, I wanted to strip it down…hence most pieces are guitar and drums..and very minimal and primal, in the punk idiom. This piece, is just brush work and vopice. Enjoy/Cheers
01 Lil Salvation-Fin by SATORI CIRCUS