2012 SATORI CIRCUS and the Cirquettes Calendar…AVAILABLE NOW

For Immediate Release: (September 9, 2011)

“New York City has the Blue Man Group, Detroit has SATORI CIRCUS.”   – Chris Jaszczak, 1515 Broadway –

Ladies and Gentlemen,

SATORI CIRCUS presents the 2012 Satori Cirquettes Calendar.

A collaborative piece from SC and his dear friends: A. Owen Layne (humor and eros photographer extraordinaire) and Madeline Frost (instigator of this endeavor, model and entrepreneur), together they have created a masterpiece that will go way beyond the 2012 year.

This soon to be collectors item, is finally out and contains a bevy of sexy models, performers, and burlesque and pin-up mavens who represent the art and performance community of Detroit. Some of which you may know…many of which you may have seen in the flesh performing on your Detroit stages. Its been getting a buzz since it was shot and developed earlier this year.

This limited edition printing will be available for early release starting September 9, 2011.

“SATORI CIRCUS is easily the Best Performance Art Group Detroit has produced. It should be
seen if only to witness a New Direction in Art.”

   – Detroit Free Press –

As you may know, SATORI CIRCUS is a prominent performance artist throughout the US, who is based in Metro Detroit, and has been Voted Best Theater Group for 2011-12 by Channel 4’s ‘Best Of Detroit’ and recently seen on ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Proceeds from the calendar we be going to Danielle ‘Doxie’ Kaltz’s Burners Without Borders charity, which provides backpacks stocked with clothing, food and health rations that get passed throughout Detroit to the homeless.  (Even Doxie herself posed as a sexy Cirquette for this project.)

More info on Burners Without Borders can be found at: Burners Without Borders on Facebook and http://littledsworld.blogspot.com/

The calendar is being priced at ($15/$20 – S/H based on destination).  Orders can be placed by emailing satori_circus@yahoo.com or http://www.facebook.com/satori.circus or checking out www.satoricircus.com soon!

“The Bottom Line: Performance Art is not for everyone; for the rest of us there is SATORI CIRCUS!”
– Don Calamia, Between The Lines –

SATORI CIRCUS, is the inventive, funny, sad, haunting, and occasionally disturbing stage persona created roughly 20 years ago and then honed and polished until it became the fallen god in grease-paint it is today.”   -Robert de Valle, Real Detroit Weekly

Russell A. Taylor/Satori Circus

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