THE PALE MAGICIAN -Chapter 3 from THE KING IN YELLOW Film Project.

THE PALE MAGICIAN -Chapter 3 from THE KING IN YELLOW Film Project. from DARKHAUS SOUND&FILM, INC.™ on Vimeo.

From DARKHAUS SOUND&FILM, INC.™ (an underground artistic collective located in Bay City, Michigan) “THE PALE MAGICIAN”, Chapter #3 of their feature length film project titled THE KING IN YELLOW. Based on Robert W. Chamber’s 1895 collection of short stories which comprised his famous masterpiece of mystery & malevolence, DARKHAUS director G.C.Kirkland’s screenplay of THE KING IN YELLOW jumps back & forth thru decades mixing many of Chamber’s interlocking themes with contemporary motifs such as Doomsday Cults, The American Dream, Drug Abuse, Telepathy & The Occult, Y2K, Detroit Gangsters, Madness and the 1978 Jonestown tragedy in Guyana.
Starring notable Detroit talents SATORI CIRCUS, John Tynan, Michael Bugard and Annu Deol, to date THE KING IN YELLOW film has not yet been completed. Sporadic segments are being filmed in the tri-cities with a revolving roster of crew and actors as time, locations & funds become available. For updates visit