Funny as Hell

So, the boy…SATORI CIRCUS has another performance…yes, in Port Huron!!!!!!!!! (He loved going there as a kid to play hockey…so long ago!) This time its not for hockey…but for performingContinue reading


Join us once again, or for the first time, on this epic theatrical journey through time, space and outer dimensions. The Squidling Brothers and Madoodi Mothers travel to Sordor withContinue reading

Hellbound Reloaded

NOIR LEATHER’S HELLBOUND RELOADED Sat Nov. 22nd doors 9pm CITY CLUB Club Stage 11:45 Jennabelle Wingless Feuer 11:50 Satori Circus – 12:00 Kristi Burgett’s “Caped Cadet Cuties” 12:30 Angelus TeineContinue reading

Macabre Noir

Morose & Macabre’s 7th Annual Cavalcade of the beautiful and bizarre. The Exhibition brings together various local and nationally recognized burlesque, sideshow, film, music, and cabaret artists to tell aContinue reading